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Summer Sandlot Baseball

Status Update

Teams have been formed and we are currently pushing our capacity with the number of fields and players on each team. We'll do our best to monitor and accommodate new registrations as they come in, but if you're registering now, please reach out to Joey White at to let him know you've registered and confirm where your child will be playing.

Summer 2020 Sandlot Baseball Overview

With the cancelled summer baseball season, a number of families have expressed interest in getting on the ballfields for some informal baseball. Now that the Minnesota Department of Health has approved a return to outdoor team sports, we're moving ahead with a sandlot-style baseball league for anyone going into grades 2 through 6.

Here's an overview of the league:

  • Register here
  • Leagues will be:
    • C -- 2nd-4th grade for 20-21 school year, pitching machine
    • B -- 4th-6th grade for 20-21 school year, kid pitch
  • Game/practice nights will be
    • C -- Wed, 6:15, Evergreen Park or Owasso Ballfields
    • B -- Thu, 6:15, Evergreen Park
  • 6 weeks from July 15 - August 20
  • Once number of players are confirmed, exact format for each night will be determined
    • Because this is "sandlot" style, the exact format will be determined by the number of players we have each week
    • If fewer than 20 players, we'll have an informal scrimmage
    • If more than 20, at least 2 teams will be formed 
    • Duration will be 90 minutes, with the format dependent on the number of players, including:
      • Practice 30 min, game 60 min
      • Practice 45 min, game 45 min
      • Game 90 minutes

Summer 2020 Sandlot Baseball Rules

We've developed the following rules and guidelines based on what has been outlined by the Minnesota Department of Health and MYAS. All coaches, players, and parents are expected to follow and enforce these guidelines.

  • Check-in -- Players and parents willing to coach will check in with the commissioner when they arrive, who will run the practice/game, assign teams, and maintain a roster of all players and active coaches at each practice or game in case contact tracing is necessary
  • Coaches -- Volunteer coaches will be needed to run practices and games and must be willing to enforce guidelines and rules
  • Umpires -- Games will be umpired by coaches
    • Safe/out at home plate and 2nd base will be called by offensive coach at pitching machine (C League) OR defensive coach stationed between pitcher and 2nd base (B League)
    • Safe/out at 1st base is called by offensive 1st base coach
    • Safe/out at 3rd base is called by offensive 3rd base coach
    • Balls and strikes will be called by defensive coach stationed between pitcher and 2nd base (B League)
  • Distancing -- 6-foot distance must be maintained at all times by coaches and players on the field, except during the course of a play
  • Face masks – Face mask usage is expected at all times in the dugout and if anyone is unable to maintain 6 feet of distance from other people
  • Fan seating - Bleachers will be closed and fans must bring their own seating, spaced 6 feet between family units down the foul line OR 10 feet behind the fence
  • No sharing of equipment -- Each player will need their own bat, glove, water bottle, etc.
  • One catcher per practice or game -- Since this equipment is shared, only one player will play catcher each night, and team catcher's equipment will be sanitized between games
  • Each team uses their own baseballs -- Teams will use their own baseballs when playing defense and sanitize them between innings (while their team is batting) OR use a new set of balls each inning
  • Personal hygiene
    • No chewing seeds, gum, etc.
    • No high-fives or handshakes
    • No team huddles (everyone must be spread out
    • All illness must be reported immediately
    • Stay home if sick and as recommended by a healthcare provider
    • One coach or parent will specifically be tasked with enforcing sanitation requirements on the bench
  • At-risk individuals -- These individuals must make their own determination of what their involvement in this league can and should be
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes – Each player should bring their own hand sanitizer to use while coming in and out of the dugout between innings