The purpose of this policy is to assist RAYB in its goal of preventing and responding to acts of bullying. This policy applies to players, coaches, or volunteers who directly engage in an act of bullying and to players and coaches who, by indirect behavior, condone or support another player’s act of bullying.


Bullying is different from conflicts, fights, or disagreements. Bullying is physical and/or emotional abuse that has the following defining characteristics: It is on purpose, it occurs over and over again, and it is an abuse of power.


Bullying of any kind is unacceptable with RAYB and will not be tolerated. Bullying is counterproductive to team spirit and can be devastating to a victim. RAYB is committed to providing a safe, caring, and friendly environment for all of our members. If bullying does occur, the incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively as described in this policy. Anyone who knows bullying is happening is expected to tell a coach, board member, or athlete mentor or parent.


This policy shall be enforced during all RAYB sponsored functions and events, held at Roseville fields or at other locations.

If bullying has occurred during a team related activity, we stop the bullying on the spot by using the following steps:

  1. Intervene immediately. It is ok to get another adult to help.
  2. Separate the players involved.
  3. Make sure everyone is safe.
  4. Meet any immediate medical or mental health needs.
  5. Stay calm and reassure the players involved, including bystanders.
  6. Model respectful behavior when you intervene.

If bullying has occurred and is then reported to a coach, board member, or parent, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Get the facts.
  2. Get the story from several sources, including both adults and players.
  3. Don’t call the act “bullying” while you are trying to understand what has happened.
  4. It may be difficult to get the whole story, especially if there are multiple athletes or the bullying involves social or cyber bullying. Collect all the information available.

In all cases of bullying, or suspected bullying, the coach, board member, or adult will notify the RAYB Executive Board, which will include the Player Representative in a timely manner. The Executive Board will meet to investigate the incident in a timely manner. The Executive Board will notify the parties involved. Communication on the progress of the investigation and the outcome will continue with the players, coaches, and parents involved. The Executive Board will take proper action as outlined in the consequences section.


If it is determined that an act of bullying has occurred, one or more of the following consequences may be directed, at the Executive Board’s discretion:

  1. Player(s) involved meeting with the Executive Board, including the Player Rep.
  2. Temporary Suspension
  3. Expulsion for the remainder of the baseball season.
  4. A letter written by the bullying player to the targeted player, containing their understanding of how their behavior has hurt the player.
  5. Work with player to understand some of the reasons they bullied.
  6. Avoid any strategies that have negative consequences. Use restorative practices that creates a positive team climate and builds relationships and empathy. Conflict resolution and peer mediation will not work in bullying.
  7. Follow up, after the bullying issue has been resolved with players and team involved.

Additional Information

For additional information on bullying, including how to prevent and intervene when you see bullying occurring, please see Fostering Kindness & Respect in Youth Sports from Jeremiah's Hope for Kindness.

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