ADA Accommodations

Public Accommodation - Roseville Area Youth Baseball accepts its responsibility as a public accommodation and welcomes participants – coaches and players – that are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Reasonableness – The ADA requires that public accommodations, such as RAYB, must take all “reasonable” steps necessary to accommodate the needs of its participants. RAYB defines reasonableness as steps that do not affect the viability and long term health of the program.

No Precedent – Simply because RAYB has provided accommodations in the past, this should not be seen as setting a precedent. The organization’s viability is fluid and dependent upon factors beyond its control. The association has historically served several hundred families and its commitment is to provide baseball to all of its families.

Non-Binding on Other Associations – The decision by RAYB to provide accommodations to our families when it is appropriate and feasible should not be seen as relevant in evaluating the ability of other public accommodations in the community to do the same.

Appropriateness – While RAYB welcomes the opportunity to accommodate the needs of its participants, when possible and feasible, it also encourages its participants to consider if RAYB is the right solution for them. Given the general nature of our association’s work, we are naturally limited in the accommodations we can provide. We wish to provide accommodations that do not place disabled participants at greater risk and expect the parents and/or caregivers of the child to consider this factor when deciding if RAYB is right for them. Participants with greater needs are encouraged to research more suitable accommodations, like the Miracle League, that can better address those needs.

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