Player Representative

The main function of the Player Representative is to serve as an advocate for the best interests of the players within the RAYB system. Traditionally, this has been embodied most often when a player commits a violation of league rules and has elected to appeal his/her suspension. This third-person representative provides a means by which the player can fully, accurately, and objectively present his/her side of any situation without the risk of emotion or sentiment to affect their position.

The RAYB Player Representative is also expected to attend all RAYB board meetings. Here, the Player Representative will present any viable concerns that players have with RAYB operations. Potential issues might include the removal of necessary equipment from a field, scheduling conflicts, or anything else that may come up. Any player with a legitimate concern should contact the Player Representative.

In addition to the aforementioned roles and responsibilities, the Player Representative will serve as the liaison for all issues related to the RAYB Player Protection Policy. Players or coaches who encounter a scenario contemplated by this policy are encouraged to contact the Player Representative.

Please note that it is not the role of the Player Representative to pass judgment on anyone; rather it is only to see that the situation is addressed.

Player Representative

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