RAYB values the safety and health of its participants. Returning too quickly from injury can result in a re‐aggravation, the worsening of the original injury or even a new injury as our body overcompensates. In addition to a separate concussion policy, RAYB has adopted the following injury‐related policies:


Players and their families must report all injuries, even those suffered outside of baseball, to the head coach so steps can be taken to adequately protect the player. Not all injuries will result in reduced playing time. Your playing time will only be reduced as a result of an injury if resuming play will place the player in a position of unreasonable risk. Coaches may make adjustments, such as making players play certain positions, not bat, etc... if they feel it is in the player’s best interests.


Players that suffer a significant injury (i.e. broken bone, dislocation, concussion, etc...) will be required to provide a release to resume play by a medical professional. Players that suffer a less serious injury are welcome to return when the player, his or her family and the team coach are all in agreement that the player is ready to return.

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