Controlled Substance


Parents, coaches and players shall not consume alcohol at RAYB‐sanctioned youth sporting events. Consuming alcohol at Roseville’s baseball parks is explicitly prohibited (see Roseville City Ordinance 701.03.G), and subjects the drinker to a $250.00 fine (see Roseville City Ordinance 314.052). This prohibition applies to ball parks and city parks and should not be construed to include activities by families before or after games at restaurants, parents’ homes, hotel rooms during travel tournaments, etc...

Even though alcohol is permitted at team‐related activities not occurring at the ball park, parents are expected to use common sense when drinking in the presence of minor children. Parents are also expected to consider the consequences of their behavior in these settings. Inappropriate behavior by RAYB family members reflects poorly on the individual, the team, its coach and, in the case of travelling tournaments, our community. We encourage you to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you chose to include alcohol, do so responsibly.


Parents, coaches and players shall not be permitted to use tobacco or tobacco‐related products, whether intended to be smoked, chewed, inhaled, or otherwise ingested at RAYB events. Further, RAYB family members are not permitted to use electronic or other oral devices designed to provide the vapor of liquid nicotine.

RAYB enjoys a close relationship with Roseville Area Schools. Our families benefit greatly when compared to many other communities as a result of this relationship. We value this relationship and intend to protect it. The vast majority of RAYB baseball games are played on fields owned by Roseville Area School District. As such, our games are subject to their rules and regulations, which can be found here.

Tobacco use at team‐sanctioned events, but not on ball fields, should be treated with the same common sense as our non‐field related alcohol policies.

Relevant RAYB Bylaws

Article VI — Program Requirements

Section 6— Alcohol, Tobacco and Unlawful Drugs Policy:​ During the season of practice or play, no player shall consume, possess, give away, buy or sell any alcohol, tobacco or unlawful drugs. Medically prescribed and over‐the‐counter drugs are not considered unlawful drugs. Violations will be presented to the board or Executive Committee for review and imposition of the sanction if the violation is confirmed. The sanctions are as follows:

● First Violation – No participation in practices, games, tournaments or team events for a minimum of two weeks.

● Second Violation – Terminated from further participation in for the remainder of the season. This will include any post‐season tournaments and/or other team events.


RAYB players, their parents and coaches are encouraged to report violations to a member of RAYB’s Board of Directors. Violators may be subject to various forms of discipline including (but not limited to) a verbal warning, a written warning and a temporary and/or permanent suspension. Given the potential serious nature of violations, discipline is left to the sole discretion of the RAYB Board. It does not need to be progressive (i.e. more serious discipline each time) in nature. Players, coaches and family members may be suspended by league commissioners, directors, or the RAYB president.

An appeal to a suspension may be made to any RAYB executive committee member and shall be heard as soon as possible by the RAYB executive committee but on no case more than 7 days after the appeal is made. If the executive committee fails to take action on an appeal request within 7 days, the suspension shall be deemed void.

While RAYB does not accept disease (i.e. addiction, alcoholism, etc...) as a defense to a violation of these policies, its Player Representative will attempt to assist any member of the Roseville baseball community in finding resources to help with these challenges.

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