Throwing Program

Throwing Program

This program is designed to give the coaches of Roseville baseball a simple, consistent way to teach proper throwing mechanics to all players, from beginners all the way through Varsity. This program will be mandatory for all teams - Rec and Travel. 

We suggest that you begin practice with something other than throwing: running, hitting, game tactics, etc. The throwing drill should take between 8-10 minutes, but feel free to go longer if the situation warrants. Try to match players at a similar level of throwing. Form two lines facing each other. One line is within 10' of a fence. All descriptions will be for a right handed thrower and all throws will be with the four seam grip. The description is for an 11 year old player. Adjust distance accordingly.

Position 1 (5-10 throws) Partner 8'-10' away

Right knee on ground. Left foot flat on ground. Back straight. Right arm parallel to ground. Elbow bent 90 degrees. Using only wrist, player flips ball to partner. Throw should be on a line

Position 2 (5-10 throws) Partner 10' - 15' away

Right knee on ground. Left foot flat on ground. Back straight. Start with left elbow pointed at partner, hand and ball in glove. Player "breaks" ball from glove and bring it back. Right arm parallel to ground. Elbow bent 90 degrees. Ball pointing away from partner with hand on top of ball. Player throws ball to partner and continues through until his right hand is directly left of his left foot. Have the player visualize "grabbing the grass" after the throw. 

Position 3 (40-60 throws) Partner starts 20' - 25' away

Players stand and begin regular throws. Focus should be on grip, arm being parallel to the ground when ball is at the back of the motion, and follow through with full shoulder turn. The player on the line facing the fence takes three steps back after every three throws. This stops when the players begin to have difficulty making the throws "on a line." This is considered Long Toss

Position 4 (20-40 throws) Partner starts at Long Toss Distance

Player should make Long Toss throws by getting his body behind the throw using a "crow hop" motion. The number of long toss throws depends upon the time of the season. The later in the season, the longer the players should stay at this maximum, up to 20 throws. Once this is complete, outfield player moves in three steps after every three throws until they arrive at base length (60' for an 11 year old)

Position 5 (8-10 throws) Partner at Base Distance

Catching player provides a target with his glove: high, low, inside, out. Player makes strong throw that hits the glove.

Position 6 (10-15 throws) Partner at Base Distance, minus 10 feet

Fast toss. Players stay low and work on a fast transfer and release

Coaches should tailor distance and repetitions to the age level. Coaches should be with the players during this drill, preferably with extra balls in case of overthrows. Once standing, the player catching the ball should work on rapidly finding the grip and getting into a throwing position as fast as possible.

Example for Steps #1 and #2 and the Crow Hop

Good example of Step #2

Pre-Game Prep: Suggested Timelines & Activities

Time to First Pitch

60 min :  Team Running (Led by captains)

55 min :  Team Dynamic Stretching (Led by captains)

50 min :  Hitting - 4 Stations

           - Soft Toss (Into BowNet, thrown by Assistant Coach, in foul ground)

           - Heavy Balls (Thrown by Assistant Coach, on foul line in short outfield, aim toward center field)

           - Low Flight (Thrown by Assistant Coach or Player, further up foul line)

           - Bunting (Thrown by Assistant Coach or Player, foul ground in corner)

30 min :  Throwing progression (2 Assistants, one on foul line, one on outfield line)

20 min :  Infield/Outfield

           - Infield - Half of Team (2 Assistant Coaches, one batting - one catching)

           - Outfield- Half of Team (1-2 Assistant Coaches up foul line, hitting towards center field)

           - Switch after 5 minutes

10 min :  Pre-Game Meeting

           - Led by Head Coach at dugout

5 min :  Individual Prep

           - Have Gear Ready

           - Water Up

           - Game Face / Final mental prep

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