Important Change for RAYB Travel Program: Fall Tryouts!

This year RAYB is introducing Fall baseball tryouts for the upcoming 2022 baseball season.

This decision was carefully considered before being finalized. There were many reasons for moving to fall tryouts. Some of the main motivations in making the move were:

Time, cost, and availability constraints in securing an indoor facility to conduct tryouts in early Spring
Busy schedules for families in March with spring break and winter sports ongoing
Improves ability to place teams at the correct playing levels
Earlier tournament entry allowing teams to play at the correct level in tournaments
Allows adequate time to secure rosters and high-quality coaches
Allows adequate time to order equipment and uniforms

RAYB is aware that there is no perfect fit for every RAYB family, but in the long run we are hoping this will ensure a smoother transition into the start of baseball season next year.

Currently, we are anticipating a date of Saturday, Sept 11th for baseball tryouts.

Stay tuned - more detailed information to come soon!