Travel Tryout

Potential travel players go through a one-hour tryout and are evaluated on selected baseball drills. Each player will graded by up to 5 evaluators at each station and are given an averaged, composite tryout score.

Player Selection

RAYB usually has two MYAS travel teams at each age level, with the first team usually playing in the AAA league and the second team usually playing in the AA league.

Players are assigned to the first team at each age group using the following criteria:

  • Each player is assigned a composite score that balances coach evaluations from their participation last year with their composite tryout score
  • Players who did not play travel baseball with RAYB last year are assigned the average coach evaluation score for their age group
  • Players who are unable to attend the tryout due to schedule conflict or injury and cannot be accommodated with an alternate tryout time are assigned the average tryout score
  • The top 8 scoring players per age group are automatic selections to the first team
  • The last 3-4 players for the first team are selected by the head coach in consultation with the Travel Committee, based on need (if a team needs more pitching or catching, for example), and are selected from the next 8 scoring players at that age group
  • Once the first team is formed, the same criteria follows for the second team
  • Each team is comprised of 11-13 players (usually 12)
  • Teams are announced 3 weeks after tryouts are held
  • Players register for their travel team by October 31 to reserve their spot on the team

Player / Parent Commitment for Travel Baseball

The MYAS regular season runs from late April to July 1, with playoff tournaments as late as the end of July.

Weekly Commitment:

  • In general, expect 3 days a week of baseball, with two weekday games and one Sunday afternoon or evening practice
  • AAA typically plays most league games on T/Th, with some exceptions
  • AA typically plays most league games on M/W, with some exceptions
  • Weekday league schedule is comprised of 12-16 games. Half of these games are outside of Roseville (actual locations known after schedule is finalized in early April, but most away games are between 10 and 25 minutes from Roseville)


  • Travel teams play in a minimum of three tournaments in May and June
  • One out of town/overnight tournament, usually 2-3 hours from Roseville
  • Two local tournaments, usually within 30-45 minutes of Roseville
  • Additional tournament added in July if your team qualifies for a state tournament bid
  • Each tournament has a minimum of three games played on Friday and Saturday, with additional games on Sunday depending on team qualification
  • There is an upfront cost to RAYB for securing these tournaments in January, which is included in the cost of registration and is non-refundable
  • It is expected that if you play on a travel team, you making the commitment to play in these tournaments
  • If a team agrees to play in any additional tournaments during the season or in more than one state tournament, each team will pay for these additional tournament entry fees independently from RAYB, with each family expected to contribute their player's share of the fee

Season commitment/other sports:

  • Travel team players are expected to make their RAYB travel baseball team their number one sports priority during the baseball season.
  • Players and parents should consider the time commitment required for the RAYB travel team and whether there will be any conflicts with other sports that the player is participating. Each travel team member and family is counting on all players as a full team to participate in games and tournaments to make the baseball season enjoyable for all the team members and families.
  • We understand that baseball may not be your child's number one sport, but please respect that if your child made a travel team, another child may not have made the team because of it. Please respect the team and be committed.

Coach Selection

All interested travel coaches must apply by September 1 and must pass a background check and complete concussion training to be considered to be a coach.

Travel coaches are selected by the Travel Committee using the following criteria:

  • Previous coaching experience
  • Previous baseball experience
  • Survey feedback from previous years
  • Team needs

Assistant coaches are selected using the same criteria along with input from the head coach,

All coaches who have applied will be notified whether they were selected.


MYAS/Gopher State use the national age date of May 1. This means players in their respective age groups must not reach the next age before May 1 of the upcoming season.

It is permissible for a player to play up to their grade from their designated age division, but they may not play down.

When & Where

Fall tryouts are announced shortly after the current season wraps up.

Tryouts will be hosted at the Rosetown Legion Ballfield for 12U-14U and Evergreen Park for 9U-11U.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the tryout process involve?

At tryouts, players are assigned numbers and wear those numbers during the entire tryout process. Scores are tabulated utilizing the assigned numbers and players are ranked.  Once tryouts have been completed, teams are selected, as described above. Players are notified of their assignment to travel teams by visiting the RAYB website on the designated date and checking for their name assigned to a team.

Once results are made public, players assigned to travel teams are contacted by their respective coaches to discuss practice schedules, registration for the regular season, etc. The names of players not assigned to a travel team are given to the Recreational League Director, who will contact them about registering for the Recreational League.

Unfortunately, it is very possible that some prospective players will not earn a position and will not be placed on a travel team. We understand the disappointment this may cause and ask you to consider this possibility and discuss the potential outcome with your player prior to tryouts. If your child is not selected for a travel team, you should view the feedback from the Travel Director as a tool for future years and not as an opportunity to debate the merits of the grades assigned or the player’s performance. 

Who evaluates the players?

RAYB is blessed to have a large and healthy mix of current coaches and board members as well as former coaches and board members. The goal is for each skill to be graded by several “baseball people” to ensure quality and confidence in the scoring.

My daughter would like to try out for travel. Is that OK?

Yes. RAYB is proud to have participants from all genders.

My child does not attend public schools in Roseville. Is he/she still eligible to play for a travel team?

Students who attend a non-public school located within the ISD623 district boundaries are part of the RAYB association, same as ISD623 public school students. Students who live or attend a school (of any type) outside of the ISD623 boundaries are considered "out-of-district" players.

An out-of-district player is allowed to try out for a RAYB travel team if the out-of-district player has played in a RAYB recreational league for one previous year. The travel director may make an exception to this rule if the director determines that additional out-of-district players are necessary to fill out the roster of a RAYB travel team. After an out-of-district player is selected for a RAYB travel team, the out-of-district player is treated as an in-district player for all future travel tryouts.

When is payment due for travel baseball?

50% of the travel registration fee is due by October 31, with the remaining 50% due by December 31.

Is the travel registration fee refundable?

Due to association costs for ordering jerseys, purchasing team equipment, and paying tournament registration fees, the travel registration fee is non-refundable after December 31.

Prior to December 31, the travel registration fee is refundable, less a 20% administration fee.

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